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I was a single parent of 2 children with emotional special needs and working in the software industry. I know first hand how both the demands of parenting can affect stress levels at work and how the demands from work can stress parenting. Working with Susan changed everything for the better. If you are feeling the pressure, don’t wait until it becomes more than you can take. Seek her professional guidance now. The sooner she is in your corner, the better both your home and work lives will become. Susan saved us.
— N.J.

What you did was to give us back time that our son had lost. You’ve given us time free from stress and anxiety. And now, we have time to concentrate on other issues, as well as time to just be a family. We are so grateful and will always appreciate your talent, expertise, and time!
— K.C.

Susan is a knowledgeable, professional, and experienced attorney for children with disabilities and their families. Her help navigating us through the complexity of special education law has helped our family many times throughout our son’s educational years, while maintaining respect for each of the involved parties.  We have successfully used the most important lesson she taught us — to present school district staff with the facts to lead them to the same conclusion that we reached.  Relying upon this guidance allowed us to persuade the school district that it lacked an appropriate placement to meet our son’s needs and to agree to a placement that he needed.
— J.D.

Our youngest son was born with seizure disorder and cerebral palsy. When he was five years old, the District’s Director of Health Services informed us that our son should remain at home indefinitely.  With Susan’s guidance and expertise, our son was able to return to school and receive the program he needed.

 Susan also advised us regarding our middle son’s mental illness.  Against all odds, he received the appropriate school placement and therapeutic services he so desperately needed.  Our son is now a college-aged success story due in large part to Susan’s guidance and her determination never to give up. 

With both of our sons’ issues, Susan was responsive and professional, and always treated us with compassion and dignity in very trying times.   She was our family’s shining light in those difficult years, and we are forever grateful to know her.
— E.M.

We are thrilled with the progress that our son has made due to her wisdom and guidance.  We are deeply grateful for her help.  She has made a tremendous impact on our son’s life during his critical phase of development.
— Y.L.

It is hard for us to express our true happiness and gratitude.
— J.G.

We just returned from vacation. I kept thinking about you because we (my husband, son, and I) have not gone away and had a good time in years. It’s only this last year, after we’ve come to find out what’s going on with our son and are addressing it, that we are all relaxed enough to enjoy each other’s company on a different level. We can’t thank you enough.
— S.Q.

You have truly been my saving grace. I would hope that everyone who had a problem could find someone like you.
— C.F.

Your strategies and guidance empowered me to help my family. My daughter received the education and support she needed without litigation. You are a wonderful teacher in addition to an amazing attorney. Skills I learned working with you help me in many ways.
— C.K.

Thanks so much for all of your help, as well as your referral to a wonderful pediatric neuropsychologist. That’s what has helped pave the way for a successful program for our son, now and into the future.
— E.L.T.

We can’t thank you enough for all the help you’ve provided for our family. We know the challenges will certainly continue, but you have been a good teacher as well as a very dedicated professional.
— L.K.

Susan always kept up to the moment knowledge of the law. She never missed a detail prepping me for meetings, explaining our rights, keeping me on task, and keeping the agenda focused, organized and under control. We witnessed how much Susan has earned a high level of respect by many private experts, school district staff, and opposing attorneys. Susan was a big reason for the success of our son’s education and his bright future as a young man. I wish every child in a special education program could have such a fine attorney to stand up for them.
— J.C.

I was amazed at how many things you found to cover with the District, many more than I realized we had. That’s the benefit of finding an excellent attorney to help us. We really appreciate your thoroughness, your explanations of what to expect, and the disciplined way you go about problem-solving. We think it was all very worthwhile.
— J.S.

My son is on the gifted side of very smart, and he is also attention-challenged. He would daydream in elementary school instead of engaging in academic activities. When the school found that he tested so much higher than his actual classroom performance, he was given an IEP with daily resource help. At home, I tutored him in algebra to keep up his interest in math. When he was ready to transition to middle school, we were told that he could not be placed in advanced math in middle school because they “never” place IEP students in advanced math, and his teachers did not recommend advanced math because of his poor classroom performance. Losing even a year of advanced math would make it hard to catch up with his peers in the future, and would also contribute to his tuning out of instruction. We felt that was wrong and asked Susan to help. She looked at our son’s records and helped me craft a strong yet diplomatic letter that made a clear case for him to be placed in advanced math in 6th grade. That well-written letter did the trick quickly, and with no fight. Susan’s advice on how to collaborate with the school administrators was perfect. Her intervention gave our son the advanced education he deserved and now he is succeeding brilliantly in a prestigious college program. It is impossible to give enough credit to Susan for this life-changing assistance. Susan understands how to navigate the system.
— C.G.