Special Ed Legal Consults
Charting a Course Toward A Better Outcome


 Providing Parents With Effective Strategies

What services do we provide?

We help families with children between ages three and twenty-two who need special education.  By meeting with parents for one or more blocks of two-hour private, confidential consultations, we guide parents with advocacy tools geared towards their child’s specific special educational needs.


Stressed employees lose time at work trying to manage their child’s issues when the educational program is not working. Such stress and anxiety can affect employees’ emotional and physical health. Employees who are overwhelmed with burdens caused by ineffective help for their children may feel they have no choice but to quit their jobs. But when parents learn how to improve their child’s educational program, they can ease their stress by taking action. We are here to help and point parents in the right direction.

Our in-person consults at your workplace serve as a special education checkup of the child’s legal issues.

Common questions we can address:

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  • How do I establish my child’s need for additional appropriate services such as: speech therapy, occupational therapy, mental health therapy, social skills training, behavior therapy, one-to-one aide support, research-based programs to remediate learning deficits, or adaptive living skills instruction?

  • How can my child receive special education services if I think that the offered program is insufficient or inappropriate?

  • How can I decide between a 504 plan and an Individualized Education Plan (“IEP”) for my child?

  • How does a Student Study Team (“SST”) meeting fit into the process?

  • What should I look for in a school district special education assessment?

  • How do I prepare for our next IEP meeting?

  • Should I obtain a private evaluation and what should it cover?

  • How do I improve the goals in my child’s IEP?

  • How can I tell if my child is making meaningful progress?

  • Is “education” limited to academics?

  • Can I get help if my child has behavior problems at school?

  • How would I determine whether the school program is appropriate for my child?

  • What can I do if the school district is not following the IEP?

  • What do I do if my child is being bullied at school?

  • Will the school district ever pay for a private school?

  • I have drafted a letter to the school district, but is it persuasive?

  • What if my child needs a residential treatment program in order to learn?

  • How can I help my child without resorting to litigation?

If you have these or other special education questions you would like to discuss at a consult, just contact us. We partner with companies to provide our services to California employees at their Bay Area workplaces. If you are outside of the SF Bay Area, other options are available.