Special Ed Legal Consults
Charting a Course Toward A Better Outcome


Taking Action To Help Your Child


We know that work-life integration is difficult for all parents of school-age children.  But for parents of children with special needs, the challenges can be exponentially greater.  That often leaves insufficient time to get a handle on your child’s education.

And, even the best efforts to understand the complicated special education laws and procedures can leave parents feeling frustrated and powerless.  Given the uphill battles you face, you may feel like you have a second job, just dealing with the problems with your child’s educational program.

You may have already tried to learn what you can from web-based resources. That can be a good start. But parents usually lack the expertise to recognize the relevant legal issues, to correctly apply the law to their child’s situation, or to identify and overcome barriers to their child’s progress.

After all, would you rely upon webMD or other helpful medical website for a diagnosis and for your own treatment plan? Or would you make an appointment and talk to your own doctor about next steps?


It’s time to take action.  Special Ed Legal Consults provides one or more blocks of a two-hour private, confidential legal consultation to point you in the right direction—based upon your child’s individual needs.  We will develop an action plan and strategies so you feel more comfortable navigating the confusing and frustrating special education system.

You will also learn how to develop and present persuasive documentation to improve your child’s educational program, based upon your child’s own educational records and a step-by-step individual action plan.

When you learn more effective ways to improve your child’s educational program, your stress levels both at work and at home can also improve.

If your company includes Special Ed Legal Consults as an employee perk or as part of a diversity and inclusion initiative, your company will pay for this consultation. Additional consults to parents may also be available depending upon your company’s arrangements with us.