Special Ed Legal Consults
Charting a Course Toward A Better Outcome


An affordable program that promotes wellbeing

Why not send your employees to a legal plan?

Legal plans typically do not include services addressing the very complex and highly specialized laws relating to special education.  Legal plans usually cover basic matters, such as straightforward estate planning, real property, family law and traffic matters.   

Special education law is a complex maze of laws, regulations, and case law, and relatively few attorneys in California and across the nation practice special education law.  Unlike legal plans, we are not seeking to engage your employees in full representation.  Our consultation services focus on charting a course of action and do not include full representation.

And, unlike the attorneys in legal plans, we are not seeking new business or a “loss leader”.  Your employees will get straight answers and specific strategies to become more persuasive and effective. We will not engage in representation beyond one or more special education legal consultations—we are not trying to “stir the pot” by agitating for litigation.  We offer initial guidance to help parents help themselves to the extent possible -- to navigate their way to a better outcome for their child.

What would a special education legal consultation accomplish?

Federal and California state special education law are based upon the individual needs of a child.  In a two-hour consultation, your employee and our attorney would discuss:

  • The legal framework relating to the child’s specific issues

  • Dynamic review of the child’s key educational records and chronology

  • Determination of the issues that would help the child as quickly as possible

  • Development of an action plan for next steps

We aim to provide peace of mind for the parents by giving them the tools they need to interact firmly, yet collaboratively, with school personnel to obtain an educational program that meets the child’s educational needs. When employees learn how to use effective strategies to help their child, both the employee and the company benefit.


Contact us for more information about our program to help your California employees receive initial special education legal consultations at your Bay Area workplace to improve their wellbeing.  Other options are available for locations outside of the SF Bay Area.