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We Help Companies Support Working Parents Of Children With Special Needs

Working parents struggle to stay focused at work when their child with special needs struggles at school.

Companies face increased costs due to decreased productivity and loss of talented and trained employees.


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Parents need a helping hand with expert guidance to learn how to overcome the barriers to their child’s educational progress. Our two-hour individual consult provides answers that parents desperately need.

Company Solution —add our affordable program to your benefits package, and reduce employees’ anxiety and stress so they can focus on their jobs

When working parents become overwhelmed with work-life integration, they face:

  • an increase in emotional and physical stress

  • an impact on individual productivity

  • an increase in absenteeism

  • reining in of career ambitions

  • a hard decision to stay or leave their jobs

Companies want working parents to be productive and engaged

Working parents have the same goal, but life’s challenges can interfere

The problem:

  • 30,500,000 families with children under 18 have working parents

  • 1 in 5 children have learning and attention problems such as ADHD and dyslexia

  • 1 in 59 children have an autism spectrum diagnosis

  • More than 1 in 14 children have anxiety

  • The numbers of children with disabilities increase every year

  • Worries about their child’s education cause a decrease in emotional and even physical wellbeing

  • When problems multiply without solutions, productivity, absenteeism and retention issues arise, and high achievers are most likely to quit their jobs

  • These employees are your employees too

Working parents of children with special needs are a hidden segment of the employee population.   Perceived lack of support make many employees reluctant to share caregiving concerns with their employer.

Our mutual goals:

  • increase individual productivity

  • reduce absenteeism

  • increase loyalty and retention

  • improve your company’s commitment to a caring culture

We help companies help their employees help their child with special needs 


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