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Taking Action To Help Your Child

Taking Action to Help Your Child

You already have enough on your plate with challenges at work and at home.  But when things at school take a wrong turn, or you realize that your child is not receiving the appropriate educational program the child needs and the law requires, it is just too much.  

What can you do?  Are you having trouble—

Understanding why the school is failing to meet your child’s needs

  • Learning how to navigate the confusing special education maze 

  • Determining whether your child’s program is based upon his or her individual needs, or is it just “what we’ve got” — a one size fits all approach

  • Balancing your day job with what seems like a second job handling your child’s special education program

  • Managing your stress level because you don’t know how to improve your child’s program

  • Learning how to be effective at IEP meetings

  • Applying web-based resources to your own child’s situation

After all, would you rely upon webMD or other helpful medical website for a diagnosis and for your own treatment plan?  Or would you make an appointment and talk to your own doctor about next steps?


It’s Time To Take Action!

It’s time for you to meet with us at your workplace in an employer-supported program to learn how to address your child’s barriers to making progress.  Susan Bardet is an experienced special education attorney who has helped families obtain appropriate educational programs for more than 20 years.  

You want to feel more in control than you do now.  You need to:  

  • Feel supported  by your company

  • Be fully engaged at work

  • Stay committed to your job

  • Manage your child’s educational program more effectively and with better results

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