Special Ed Legal Consults
Charting a Course Toward A Better Outcome


Supporting Inclusion for Employees Who Are Parents of Children with Special Needs

Why should your company consider offering special education legal consultations to your employees?

When a company focuses on improving the physical and emotional health of its employees, the entire company benefits.  

When parents watch their children struggle and fall behind because they are not receiving the special education program they need and are entitled to, parents suffer too. On top of the daily difficulties of raising a child with disabilities, parents face the enormous challenge of obtaining an appropriate education for their child. 

Parents of children with disabilities are often consumed and distracted by the stress of trying to navigate through the maze of the confusing special education system.  They often don’t know how to advocate effectively for their child in their dealings with their school district.   Parents may feel intimidated and overpowered when faced with a large school team that can seem to be working against them instead of with them. And, frequently parents do not know how to get support or necessary services through their school district and find themselves trying to do it all, which parents describe as having a second job.

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So without the proper guidance, parents often do not know their rights, and delay getting help.  They may know that change is needed but delay taking action because they are unsure how to solve the problem, and become paralyzed when coping with work and other family demands. They often simply lack the time or energy to do more.  

Unfortunately, this delay can cause the problems to snowball, and then families are often thrust into time-consuming and expensive litigation. Getting focused legal advice earlier can jumpstart action and help prevent a concern from turning into a crisis.

A private, confidential special education legal consultation can point parents in the right direction by focusing on the most pressing issues and developing an action plan to improve the child’s educational program.  Providing your California employees with a two-hour special education legal consultation at your Bay Area workplace is one of the most family-friendly programs you can provide. If you are outside of the SF Bay Area, other options are available. Contact us to get started.

Aren’t online resources sufficient?

A great deal of general information is available online, and of course the quality of such information varies. Although web-based resources may be a good start, parents often lack the expertise to recognize the relevant legal issues, to correctly apply the law to their child’s situation, or to identify and overcome the barriers to their child’s progress.   

But special education services are, by definition, based upon the needs of the individual child.  Web-based resources and workshops are not specific enough. Each family needs targeted information to address its own concerns.  Even parents who have tried to educate themselves about the special education arena too often lack the strategic knowledge to advance their concerns effectively.  Experienced in-person, hands-on legal guidance will help parents learn how to credibly document their concerns and advocate for their child to succeed.

How many of your employees would benefit from this innovative and affordable program?

Based upon data compiled by the California Department of Education for the 2017-2018 school year, approximately 12.5% of California students who are enrolled in public schools receive special education services.  Many more students are not included, such as children who have not yet been found eligible for special education (who should be), or their parents chose to enroll their children in private schools because they were not satisfied with the public school option.  While your affected employees may be a discrete segment of your employee population, the impact of our services can be powerful.  And all of your employees will see that your company supports the disability community.