Special Ed Legal Consults


Meeting the Needs of Your Diverse Employee Population

You may already offer some great family-friendly segmented benefit programs such as

  • substantial parental leave

  • fertility benefits

  • egg freezing

  • lactation rooms

  • child care referrals

But do you know how many of your employees are raising children with special needs?

Working parents struggle to balance the demands of work with both ongoing and unexpected challenges of managing a child’s special education program.

When their children struggle in school, parents suffer

When parents don’t know how to fix their child’s special education program— they become overwhelmed and the problems spiral out of control

We have answers

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We provide in-person, hands-on guidance to get employees on the right path to helping their child with a step-by-step individualized action plan.  When companies show their support with this innovative and cost-effective program, our expert special ed checkup leads to:

  • increased individual productivity

  • decreased stress

  • improved wellbeing

  • a true sense of belonging

HR, Diversity and Inclusion, wellness managers, neurodiversity mentors, working parents, contact us to get started.

When employees don’t have to hide their life challenges, they can bring their whole authentic selves to work.  They will know and feel their company’s support.

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