Special Ed Legal Consults
Charting a Course Toward A Better Outcome

Special Ed Legal Consults

Lighting the Path to Improve Your Child’s Educational Program


At Special Ed Legal Consults, we provide special education legal consultations to parents as employee perks, focusing on improving the child’s special education program.  With our expertise in special education law and practical experience in this complicated field, we identify the most pressing issues and guide parents to achieve better outcomes.  Parents may also make arrangements directly with us if their company has not yet partnered with us.

We point parents in the right direction by developing an action plan, with specific strategies towards solutions to their concerns. The legal right to a free appropriate public education is based upon a child’s individual educational needs.  For this reason, we review the child’s key educational records with the parents and discuss effective strategies to improve the child’s educational program.


Our goal is to provide parents with guidance as soon as possible, so that they can take steps to make improvements.  When parents wait too long to get started, problems become harder to solve.  We focus on empowering parents to present school officials with persuasive documentation to help their child succeed.  


We partner with companies to provide our services to California employees at their Bay Area workplace.   Companies show their support by paying for our consultation.  Or, if our services are currently unavailable through their company, parents may choose to make their own arrangements directly with us.   Whether you are a parent or a company representative, contact us for more information.